Adventure Shower

Adventure Shower

Turns your shower into an unforgettable adventure where you will feel alone with nature by activating all your emotions.

EQUIPMENTS: Fog shower, fog rain shower, downpour rain shower, scenting unit, sound unit (MP3 player and marine speaker), light unit (star-looking leds, colorful spotlights, rainbow - optional), function buttons, function table, installation equipment , equipment for filtering lime in water, equipment for filtering metals in water, electronic control unit, electrical panel, 1-2-3 scenarios, waterfall (Optional), special decoration (optional).
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: 3/4 ”hot water inlet, 24V electricity supply. Components for the adventure shower are pre-assembled on a plate. Materials are mounted depending on the plate needs and requests. By activating the shower with warm / cold water, smell, light and sound effects, adhering to the pre-prepared scenario, the guest feels himself in the animated environment.
With the scenario selection button at the cabin entrance, the operations for the selected scenario are started to be performed in order. For example, rain effects and fog effects are created by means of valves, and different scents are given to the environment by scent dosing.
Duration: Pre-defined scenarios vary between 30 seconds and 45 seconds. If desired, a longer term scenario can be prepared in different sequences.


Code Type of Material
ATS SPA044 Adventure Shower - 1 Program
ATS SPA045 Adventure Shower - 2 Program
ATS SPA046 Adventure Shower - 3 Program
ATS SPA047 Assembly Fee


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