Vortex ™ 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Vortex ™ 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It cleans pools up to 10x5 meters. It only cleans the floor. Cleaning time is fixed 2 hours.

It is suitable for all pool shapes and all surfaces.
There is automatic motor protection function in an environment without water.
The vortex effect creates an extremely powerful vortex in the filter.
The sediments remain in suspension, thus preventing the filter from clogging. As a result, it provides constant power and suction throughout the cleaning process. Also, this unique engine position, easy to use filter
He developed the first pool cleaner with a chamber.
The sediments are collected in a separate chamber located at the top of the device.
You can empty it with just one button press.
In this way, the filter is cleaned quickly and hygienically.
The warranty period is 2 years.


Code Type of Material Kg / Piece
ATS HTE053 WartexTM 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - 15 mt cable 8,80


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