Vortex ™ RV 5600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Vortex ™ RV 5600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It cleans pools up to 20x10 meters. It has a remote control on the panel.

The special microprocessor developed at the Zodiac research center directs the robot according to the size and shape of your pool and automatically calculates the time required for cleaning. You only need to program it once. It stores all the features of the pool in its memory. It is suitable for all pool shapes and all surfaces. Computer orientation for precise cleaning in optimum time, high suction power, 3 high performance motors for effective and short cleaning periods. In the remote control; There is an automatic or remote control mode to clean certain parts of the pool, and the option of only the bottom or the bottom and sidewalls to select the surfaces to be cleaned. Digital display showing the remaining cleaning time. The brushes automatically adjust for the best cleaning of the pool floor, side walls, underwater platform and water surface. The large 20 micron filter bag does not leave even the smallest debris particles ... The wide cleaning width (28 cm) ensures that as much debris can be removed in a single stroke. Patented gear transmission system, Is-Track System: Provides more reliability and precision. Electronic motor protection feature in case of seizure or running out of water. Platform system: When the robot gets on the platform by the pool, it automatically returns to the water. Cleaning time lasts up to 6 hours with 30 minutes intervals. With aluminum trolley, control box and a cable. The warranty period is 2 years.


Code Type of Material Kg / Piece
ATS HTE057 RV 5600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - 25 mt cable 22,50


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